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About GES Company

`Pioneer in the Oil Field Services`


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G.E.S.co is a 100% local company that provide and service the Oil and Gas companies throughout whole KRG ( Kurdistan Regional Government ) since 2008 as its registered at MNR ( Ministry of Natural Resource ) of the Kurdistan regional government to bit on tenders for :
· Well site preparation
· Civil works
· Well construction
· Mechanical & electrical works
· Providing cabins and containers
· Rig site electrical and water / sewage connections with catering , laundry & housekeeping services
G.E.S.co has over 130 + full time employees , including :
- Catering service team
- Housekeeping & laundry service team
- Construction team
- Health safety and environment protocol ( G.E.S.co is one of the few companies which has such department )
- Warehouse Oilfield and yard in Erbil
G.E.S.co own most of the equipment’s ad machinery’s which is required to perform the mentions eservices




G.E.S Vision, Mission & Values
Our Views
G.E.S Qualities
Our Services
Our Goals
What Makes G.E.S Different
Personnel Position
G.E.S Catering Services
G.E.S Performances


GES CO. is a leading company in the provision of
general services to oil companies in Erbil and
Dahok region in KRG. It has lead professionally the
management of Life support services for seismic
and explorations companies.

We provide services in water supply and fuel supply. GES CO. has the experience to build seismic camps and drilling camps in an efficient manner. G.E.S is professionally run and managed and has a professional approach for Planning and Execution of Contracts.

We are here to assist International Oil Companies to meet their deadlines.
G.E.S Co. Is fully registered, have  security clearance
and have the support of the community leadership in the region. We are able to work under pressure and meet tight 7 deadlines. GES CO. is smooth operator and trusted by the local population.



G.E.S Vision, Mission & Values

G.E.S’s Vision is to be a world-class
corporation, providing first class
Services to international Oil and Gas
Companies in the KRG-Iraq regions.
G.E.S’s Mission is to ensure the success of our clients’ operations;
Management strives to maintain international standards in the entire work provided taking into consideration the implementation of its HSE Policy, and to excel as the leading Services provider delivering best Value to customers.
Our Values
In G.E.S,
We believe that with High Competency and Optimal Quality we can achieve Client Satisfaction




Our Views

- Leading in the high provision of Water supply and fuel supply serving oil and gas Rig sites in the KRG territories
- Leading in the high provision of Catering business serving oil and gas Rigs in the KRG territories
- Professionally management of life support for Intl. oil & gas companies
- Endurance of best catering during seismic & exploration phases at oil fields
- Operating all over Offshore and remote site in Iraqi Kurdistan (slight drilling, ground transportation)
- Strives to deliver whole catering package

- Strives to deliver whole catering package in a very timely manner
- Qualified manpower for site preparation, water and fuel supply.
- Qualified manpower for catering, camp maintenance and management
- Permanently increases employees from all over Iraq
- Provide catering and alien services over Kurdistan

- Qualified doctors have engaged to furnish health back up


G.E.S Qualities

- Fully registered, have security clearance and have trusted name in provision for oil fields service
- Operating under any climatic or political conditions
- Vigorously committed to fulfill compliance with domestic and international regulations
- Mainly hired best qualified catering personnel who were experienced by Iraqi’s North and South Oil companies
- Assume significantly to meet oil fields life support requirements in the tough located terrains in the region
- Maintain life support for magnitude number of personnel at oil fields
- Effective foodservices, manpower solutions and high customer satisfaction rates
- High qualified management team, local flexibility and implementation with Intl. support



“Customers get more Fruition along with G.E.S. in the Fresh Region”



Our Services

- Water and fuel supply
- Site preparation
- Project management
- Catering Services



Our Goals

G.E.S is currently in tight communications to extend its offering best services to International Mega Oil and Gas Operating in Northern
and Southern Iraq’s enormous Fields!. To enhance more opportunities with Energy Firms in all Iraq, It is on plan to reserve enough block spaces in the
prospect Erbil, Baghdad and Basra International Fairs that will be taken place on upcoming season!. Positive Thinking!


What Makes G.E.S Different?

- A General Privilege Acquired by Alien Firms
- Quick installing Life Support Haven within Short Required Period
- IN Country Crews and Devoted Staff
- Management has HSE Experiences in the Oil Field Industry
- Integral and confident company recognition by the MNR, KRG
- Quick Response to meet Customers Deadline



Personnel Position

Administrative Staff
- Technical Staff
- Facility Management Staff
- House Keeping Staff
- Skilled Labor
- Heavy Equipment Operators
- Technicians
- Machine Operators
- HSE Personal
- CLO Staff Engineering Staff
- Offshore Personnel
- Rig Drilling labors
- Construction Labors
- Catering Staff
- Camp Boss
- Accountants
- Chefs
- Catering Manager
- Transport and Maintenance Personnel
- Medical Teams
- Office staff



Our Catering Services

- Catering Services
- Laundry Services
- House Keeping Services



Is the Private Catering Services Company. Offering Western, Asian and Local catering Services In the Kurdistan Region.
G.E.S Co. promises to deliver the high quality catering and emergency food services that you expect and deserve to receive.

In addition to our General Catering, we also offer a variety of service packages or all your high diet needs!


Your High Nourishment is our Duty!


Our Task and Responsibilities


Developing and Delivering service solutions (Cleaning, Security, Environment) packages
The effect of our products on the health and wellbeing of our customers The impact that our business practices and choices will have on the environment


“Preservation of Healthy Environment has kept with Developing”



The long-term business success of G.E.S.Co depends on our ability continually to improve
the quality of our services and products while protecting people and the environment.
Emphasis must be placed on ensuring human health, operational safety, environmental
protection and quality enhancement.

This commitment is in the best interests of our customers, our employees and contractors, our partners and the communities in which we live and work.
G.E.S requires the active commitment to and accountability for, QHSE from all employees and contractors. Line management has a leadership role in the
communication and implementation of, and ensuring compliance with, QHSE catering
policies and standards. In general, health and safety law applies to
all business, no matter how small. As an employer, or self-employed person, we are responsible for health and safety in our business.


‘For more details regarding our HSE Policy and Standards
You can request our separate HSE booklet’



G.E.S Co Performances with Int. Oil and Gas
Compaies in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region


Contracts of Provision for Supply Camp and Catering Services

- Global Geophysical Services Ltd. (GGS)
- Weatherford International Drilling Ltd. (Weatherford)
- OMV Exploration Petroleum, Petex (GmbH) (OMV)
- OMV (Bina Bawi oil field), (OMV)
- Global Geophysical (Harir oil field), (GGS)
- Marathon Oil KDV B.V
- Hawler Plaza Hotel




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